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Sexy By Defining Rhythm Diet- day 4

I’ve been craving sweets and all that God did and the maker of epicus nebula came through wroth a whole bunch of stuff. I finally got the chance to taste sweetness without the fats and calories. Thank the Lord! Enough of that let’s break down my meals of the day

Breakfast- dry pork bun from the bakery by my house and a bottle of water

Snack 1- half a subways sandwich, grilled chicken swiss cheese, a ton of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, onions and sweet onion dressing.

Lunch- fried rice made withas little oil as possible, made with white rice, Viet beef balls, rice, a broad of scallions and some diluted soy sauce

Snack 3- subways same as last time

Dinner- the rest of that sandwich

I think I’m doing pretty good with controlling my cravings. I’ve been really strick on myself when it comes to what I eat. I’m still hungry as shit but I have to pull through. No more over eating. Everyday is a step towards good health.

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Sexy By Defining Rhythm Diet- Day 3

I missed a meal today :( sucks but whatever. well lets have a rundown of what I ate today.

Breakfast- 5 eggs one yolk no salt or pepper (yuck :( )

Snack one- Steamed veggies and vietnamese beef balls

 Lunch- Half a subways sandwich with grilled chicken, swiss cheese, lettuces, pepper, onions, spinach, cucumber, tomatos, and honey mustard

Dinner- half a bowl of rice fish beef and some random veggies my dad made.

I dont count calories i just eat until i dont feel hungry. Maybe i should start. lool.

I added 10 push ups to the set to make 60. 30 regular 30 marine style. Gotta build them tris baby! lol. planks still suck! i dont like them but its for the better so gotta push! 

I feel abit better today. My body is getting used to the diet and cutting out junk food makes me feel healthier. Im not as tired all the times and i actually feel more energized. Cant wait to see some results! :D

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Sexy By Defining Rhythm diet- Day 1 and 2

So I think Imma start writing about this diet that I’m going on to share my experience i guess? idunno, lol but yeah. Diets SUCKK. I’m constantly hungry as shit cause I only eat until in not hungry anymore, but I’m limiting my eating because I tend to overeat and I see myself getting a little fatter week by week. My crew Outburst told the team to get a little healthier and start working out so that’s what I plan on doing. Sexy by defining rhythm is just a young dancer (myself) getting fit to go extra HAM on stage. This is also a way for me to get healthier and lose a little weight cause nobody likes a tall guy with lanky arms and a fat Buddha tummy. That ish ain’t cute! but yeah I had my 5 small meals 2-3 hours apart. Chinese food is hella greasy but I gotta work with what i got. I told the fam to start cooking more healthy so we can get healthy together. way to go Andy! I don’t remember exactly what I ate. Maybe I should so I can tell y’all. Ill start writing down the shit I eat so I can list it. I know I eat a buttload of pears cause my parents be stocking up on them shits. Thanks ma you da best! I’ll start a little food journal and write down what I eat. I also started doing 5 sets of one minute planks, and 50 push ups a night to strengthen my body up and increase endurance. To those who care, come on this journey with me and lets see where this takes us. #sexybydefiningrhythm!

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Dear Parents

Maybe if you showed a little more support in what it is that I want to do instead of laughing in my face about it your son wouldn’t be a stressed out mess. Maybe if you guys tried just a little to be the rock that I needed to hold on to you son wouldn’t have turned out to be the monster you never wanted. 

Love Andy

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I don’t know what to do with myself.  I’m lost in confusion.  Let life take its course.  Maybe it’s time I stated taking my own advice.

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thing i would like to do:

  • kiss your face
  • kiss not your face
  • see you smile always
  • idk buy you things
  • make you mac and cheese
  • learn all your favourite songs
  • tell you that u r a cutie
  • have a sleepover without sleep u feel me
  • etc

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